Frequently Asked Questions
QuickClass was founded by like-minded and successful individuals/parents committed to assisting schools/districts address 21st century challenges and needs that are not being addressed because of budgetary and technical restrictions.
QuickClass has numerous licensed high schools/district accounts. If we have not yet licensed your school, please yet feel free to contact us at and a representative will contact you.
Our privacy policy can be viewed on the Privacy Policy page at
QuickClass was created to help students, parents, schools and school districts address the serious social issues and challenges students face in and out of school.
Yes. One of the benefits of working with QuickClass is the opportunity for a school/district to suggest additional training course(s) it believes would be beneficial to its students. There is no additional cost to the school/district for the creation and publishing of any additional course(s).
Only students or individuals who have received an authorized access code from a QuickClass licensed school/district may access QuickClass Courses.
A school or district may commence the process of becoming a licensed account by contacting QuickClass at A QuickClass representative will then respond with the initial information leading to a licensed account relationship.